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Education and Development

Mentors need followers; the talented need sponsors.

I have a special practice in which I train and develop talented individuals into becoming high income earning machines. Generally, I prefer starting with people between the ages of 14 and 18, as they have plenty of time to develop without the pressing obligations of bill payments. However, I also work with adults who show promise, and who complete tasks.

My training program is all encompassing. It is task driven. Individuals will be given assignments, objectives, and goals designed to stretch their mind and being. Not only must one become worth a lot of money per hour, but they must also become sound in body and spirit, unsusceptible to mood swings, and temptations of bad behavior.

Throughout the training exercises, there will be a series of checkpoints. The next step will not progress until these checkpoints have been completed. Many, in the past, want to make a series of excuses, and explanations, however these do not matter. Without complition of the task, our progress does not advance - prolonged failure leads to termination of the program entirely.

My system has no upfront cost. All a future student must do is contact me, and I will get them going. After a short-talk, we will progress toward one of the chosen paths, and then on to additional challenges. The primary fields I am looking at right now are:

Legal - Court Reporter
Business - Finance or Management
Health - Technician or Nursing
Engineering - JavaScript or Computers
Art - Persuasion or Publishing

A 5-year program to earn $200,000 per year!

After we get to know one another, our next step will be acquiring a useful skill. From there, move toward management training, network development, expansion of general knowledge, and wellness. Then, we will move into promotions, reputational management, and the acquisition of followers. Lastly, financial management, new comer sponsorship, and the development of sources for passive income to fully leverage acquired skills.

Each checkpoint is designed to take about 1 year. After 1 year, we hope to have students earning $40,000 and $60,000 in year 2, from a skilled trade. Between years 3 and 4, our objective is to push $120,000, through networking and managerial techniques, with the final year, year 5, to produce annual income of $200,000 per year, with investments.

Throughout the process, we may go into business together to accelerate your growth. In this way, we both will benefit from this development; you by receiving a highly involved business sponsor who can make dreams come true, and me by achieving additional avenues in which I can earn passive income.

If you are interested in trying to develop a working relationship, contact me via email and let us go.

Keller Barnette, CPA

Making money
and time your ally