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What is leadership?

Leaders change people and settings.

A common fault managers make is putting the task before the person. This can lead to unhappy employees, followers, or supporters, the same anyone would feel against a weight restricting their growth. In such a circumstance, the person wants change, and it is a leader's job to direct that exploration toward foreseeably profitable ventures.

Similarly, one can observer a business and think this is; when they should be thinking what can be. With possibilities abound but time and money limited, one must be broad in desire yet sharp in action, to blossom production and wither waste, while uniting all in common purpose.

Yet still, a system must outlive its creator to be considered well-designed. This comes from instituting incentives and developing a history to stimulate future iterations.

When I evaluate a business

I look for the character of the people, the goals of leadership, the application of things, and the structure of incentives; but all this is contained within the company or organization. From there, I press it against the entirety of my past and the outside business world to imagine what could be; as business is a creative process.

When great businesses align, the people and things create more than they could individually, giving life to new wealth. They enhance their own lives, those of their customers, the wealth of their state, and aid in the advance of civilization itself.

Thus, I believe good business an imperative - to better the lives of the living. Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin shared similar views, both being practical persons of genius. So I sleep soundly, in good company

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Keller Barnette, CPA

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