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Formed a wealth
management club
Spent a few thousand advertising, hosting meetings, and aiding others to create a collective profit of $1 Million over the course of a year, or 500% annual returns for a small group of community members.

Increased sales
by $1 Million
Analyzed a business, and discovered a missing opportunity for generating new sales. Presented the owner with a report showing suggested changes. Changes were adopted, increasing sales by $1 Million annually, and net profits up 100%.

Audited multi-million
dollar organizations
Audited several multi-million dollar organizations, many with national brand-name recognition, and conducted solo reviews of construction companies.

Estate planning Prepared estate returns for multi-million dollar family dynasties and setup complex tax structures to minimize tax liabilities using a series of nonprofit, corporate, and real estate tax-advantaged strategies.

Discovered a billion
dollar hidden weakness
Analyzed a crypto startup, and discovered a misunderstood financial assumption. Created presentations, went on to podcasts, and eventually got into a private discussion with the managers and major stakeholders.

Ultimately, my warnings were not heeded, costing investors $2.5 Billion (in one year), and caused the company to partake in greater risks today in a bid to salvage what is left. Within the investing community, it is widely regarded that I played canary in the coal mine, despite the unfortunate outcome.

Created a
crypto currency
Analyzed bitcoin, examined it for weaknesses. Spent a few thousand marshalling the resources necessary to implement a new fork of the code. Forked Bitcoin on July 4th, 2018, initializing Bitcoin 1776. Developed a new government, in addition to addressing software weaknesses.

Proposed office
Company was lodged into a rental agreement of convenience. However, this arrangement hamstrung growth and divided thoughts between future profit centers and the maintenance of archaic relations. Company adopted proposal after reviewing the excel data, leading to annual savings of $60,000 by eliminating waste and refocusing effort.

Reviewed expenses Reviewed a company's expenses for waste, eliminating $15,000 annually in overages and unnecessary subscriptions.

Discovered hidden
As part of a group, reviewed a company's books for future investment. Noticed unusual behavior with the company's lawyer. Began an in-depth investigation, uncovering a $7 Million liability, which was both material and undisclosed to our investors.

Noted a mismatch
of liabilities
As part of a group, reviewed a company's books for future investment. Noted the reporting of rental properties incorrectly assumed consistent renewals, while each rental agreement was unique. When properly accounted, the company's exposure was increased by $15 Million, a material amount. In the years following, this exposure became relevant during an economic downturn.

Opened a
new location
Company was expanding, and needed a new store built, staffed, trained, and community developed. Over the course of that time, I hired 1,000 employees and managed the workflow during the chaotic process, including a flooding of the store up to exposed electrical wiring, and the processing of damaged inventory for reclamation.

Handled large
cash sums and
Was regularly put in charge of the review of security footage, the arrest of customers, the reprimanding of employees, and accessed a safe daily of over $200,000. Additionally, protected employees during times of violent outbursts or demonstrations of aggressive behavior.

Created a
QuickBooks substitute
Developed a simple excel program for the purpose of replacing the use of QuickBooks for extremely small businesses. Such a program has been readily understood, requiring no specialized training, saving costs and time while allowing the client increased involvement and independence.

Established a
Noted a client was performing charitable work outside of a nonprofit, thus was receiving no tax benefits. Initialized the creation of the nonprofit, allow them to maximize their itemized deductions, while aggressively performing charitable service.

Helped start
numerous companies
Knowing I would be starting my own company in the future, I aided other founders in the formation of their companies, to better acquaint myself with the process. Starting a company is a unique experience, one few share. Typically, either one is successful and never needs to start a company again or one fails, never to return. However, as a business person I made the effort to participate in many of these risky ventures to broaden this unique knowledge base.

Led large
meetings of
Helped to organize a large nonprofit activity, anticipating the need for hundreds of flyers to maximize the follow-up of visiting participants. Additionally, provided the opening introduction to the organization, impromptu, was quoted on the news and in the newspapers, and spoke at our locally organized concert and rallies.

Organized a
A small group of three of us secured the land, negotiated band contracts, acquired marketing, issued tickets, built stages, and organized parking for a 5,000 person concert. My role was as the accountant.

In review of the records, discovered that $100,000 of funds were being used for purposes other than business. Upon informing the investment backer of the mismanagement, the misallocations ceased and steps were taken to prevent reoccurrence.

with the IRS
Successfully made an offer in compromise, reducing a tax payer's burden by $50,000 and extended the terms for 10 years. Similarly, forestalled a lien on business assets against a $150,000 note due by quick, decisive action.

into a startup
Startup businesses are tricky to discover. In this situation, I noted a need for a new model within a particular industry. By networking with people within that industry, I was provided knowledge and opportunity for investing near the ground floor, yielding a 700% return over 6 months. The startup went on to present in front of the European Commission.

A similar startup, which I was not privy to invest in, but eagerly supported, has gone on to generate $20 million of revenues within their first year, while maintaining healthy profits. Most importantly however, financing capital is still pouring in, and they will be expanding internationally in year 2.

Led informal
As a concerned citizen, I have helped to organize documents related to obtuse human concerns, including circumstances of high intrigue. This has led me to becoming a better proprietor of advanced privacy, in addition to becoming more acquainted with philosophical threats.

Created thousands
in tax savings
Prepared over 1,000 personal, LLC, partnership, corporate, nonprofit, payroll, state, estate, sales, business, crypto trades, and related tax returns, with over $500,000 in combined tax saving opportunities that would have been lost if prepared without professional assistance.

Modern scientific
Regularly read historical scientific text and interact with modern science interpreters. Have made significant contributions regarding economic, crypto, education, and political system design.