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Funding and Business Sales

You : A Go-Getter; Us : The Business Makers

Do you have the drive to start a business, or already have a business and are looking to take it to the next level? Contact us to see if we can arrange a business partnership, in which we can help to expand and accelerate the pace of your business growth into something that is sustainable and profitable for all.

Ideal candidates are those whom we have hand-developed through our education programs. However, outside candidates will also be considered.

Looking to buy or sell a business?

We have access to top quality business developers looking to sell their creations so that they can use this capital to develop new projects and passions. These businesses can be great sources of passive investment income, or ventures awarded to younger minds with a delegent work-ethic, so that they can grow into management.

Below are some businesses we have for sale right now:

Publishing Company - Annual profit $200k, Asking $1 Mil
Vitamen Company - Annual profit $50k, Asking $200k
Healthcare Company - Colon Treatment, Asking $5 Mil for 10%

If you are looking to sell a business, come prepared with the numbers, and expect to be vetted. We look for growing businesses with an established customer base.

Keller Barnette, CPA

Making money
and time your ally