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Serving tax clients
for over 10 years!

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Keller Barnette, CPA

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Basic tax returns
starting at just
$250, fully remote!

Has your tax preparer
passed a CPA review?

We passed, 100%!

$400 detailed personal or business prep
(itemizations, day trades, or owner operators).

$600 complex, corporate, or estates
(multi business or partnerships).

Making money
and time your ally

Extended services

Project consultations start at $400
With $600 per hour after that.

Quick questions start at $95, prepaid
For short emails and brief phone calls.

Common Estimates

Business incorporation or
financial disputes : $600.
Investment analysis or
business planning : $600.

Paperwork copies : $50 per year.
Book entries and reporting :
$3 to $1 per entry,
$100 per reconciliation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring for my taxes?
Tax Organizer!

Where is my refund?
IRS Refund

What are the late fees and penalties?
IRS Late Fees and Penalties

Are crypto-to-crypto trades 'like kind'?

Joint Venture Opportunities

Earn 90% of profit for managed equity
Earn 20% fixed-interest on debt
Apprenticeship opportunities available!

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